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End of Season BlogPoll Ballot

Alas, the BlogPoll lives but some of the table technology is still down, so I am forced to attempt to somehow represent my ballot with my subpar HTML skills. My effort:

1 LSU --  
2 Georgia 2  
3 Southern Cal 5  
4 Missouri 1  
5 West Virginia 2  
6 Ohio State 3  
7 Oklahoma 5  
8 Kansas 5  
9 Virginia Tech 3  
10 Boston College 1  
11 Texas 5  
12 Florida 3  
13 Tennessee 2  
14 Illinois 4  
15 Brigham Young 2  
16 Arizona State 4  
17 Cincinnati 2  
18 Auburn 8  
19 Oregon 7  
20 Michigan 6  
21 Clemson 3  
22 Texas Tech 3  
23 Wisconsin --  
24 Virginia 4  
25 Wake Forest 1  

Dropped Out: Hawaii (#14), Arkansas (#21), Connecticut (#22), South Florida (#24).

I'll do a full version of The Ranks later as part of the postseason wrap-up stuff, but here's some thoughts on general areas:

1-5: Yes, LSU and Georgia are better than everyone else in the country. Ugh. Southern Cal shouldn't surprise anyone, and I was impressed by West Virginia blowing out Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, even if it was Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Putting Missouri here gives me heartburn, since they lost to Oklahoma -- twice -- but that was the only team they lost to, and the Sooners and Buckeyes both looked too bad in their bowl games to earn a higher ranking.

6-10: The Sooners and the Buckeyes fall here, and the Hokies slip a bit as well; all were losers, and none looked particularly good doing it. Kansas' win over Virginia Tech tells me that the Jayhawks were sort of real this year,  but not entirely. Boston College could have moved up one more, but the Hokies outplayed the Eagles for 115 of the 120 minutes the two faced each other this year.

11-15: Texas' win over Arizona State might have been the most impressive non-BCS win of the postseason. Florida lost narrowly to Michigan, and no one below them played well enough to slide the Gators down further. Tennessee's win against Wisconsin was solid if not spectacular; the same with BYU's victory over UCLA, though insert "lucky" for "solid." Again, the Cougars benefit from the weakness of those below them.

16-20: Arizona State looked phonier and phonier as the season wore on, but I think they were decent. Cincinnati, Auburn, Oregon and Michigan are all good teams with bad losses.

21-25: C****** had a pretty good year even if they sucked at times and coughed up the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. (Again, Auburn, the hearts of the Gamecock nation thank you.) Texas Tech closed pretty strong, particularly in the Red Raiders' rally against Virginia. Any other year, and Wisconsin falls out of the poll instead of staying pat. Wake Forest had about as unimpressive a 9-win season as can be conceived, but it was better than Hawaii's.