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Thursday News and Notes: SEC Media Days, Happenings in Athens, and Fun with Lane Kiffin

SEC Media Days are underway. Check out Team Speed Kills for some great coverage on the happenings. And check out Leftover Hot Dog the hypothetical questions he'd ask Spurrier if he were there.

One of the big stories around the SEC this week is that Atlanta's Carver High's football coach has declared the UGA football program persona non grata around his players. The problem revolves the recruitment of Carver QB Devin Burns. Burns had an offer from UGA and headed to Athens with his family to declare his commitment in person to Mark Richt and the Bulldogs. However, UGA, who has signed a lot of players over the past few weeks and is nearing a full class, decided that they no longer had room for Burns and decided to rescind his scholarship offer right as he was on the verge of signing. While Burns seems to have accepted the situation (not too surprising considering that he has some other relatively good options on the table), but Carver coach Dell McGee is very unhappy with the situation and has banned UGA personnel from speaking to his players. This is a pretty big deal, as Carver is a veritable talent factory that produces regular recruiting wars from area schools like UGA, GA Tech, and Auburn. In other words, bad news for UGA, good news for the ACC and the rest of the SEC. Of course, as Paul Westerdawg says, this will probably blow over eventually anyways and become a non-issue long term. I would have to mostly agree with a lot of what Westerdawg has to say about this; as in most of these situations, everyone's at fault but the kid but the kid is the one that's going to be hurt most by it.

Last but not least, will this be his excuse after Florida torches him?