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Tuesday News and Notes: Practice, Previews, and Recruiting Notes

First up, here's the news from practice tonight:

  • Eric Norwood suffered a wrist injury tonight. Spurrier calls it a minor "crack," but I've also heard it might just be a sprain. At any rate, Norwood should be back for the N. C. State game. However, it's not good to hear that your best player will be going into the season nursing an injury of any sort. Let's hope it's minor.
  • I like all the positive news about Alshon Jeffery. Coming into the season, I was thinking that Alshon would probably only play a minor role in the rotation. However, with players like Jason Barnes struggling and Alshon showing that he can make wild catches and quickly learning the offense, I'm beginning to really think that Alshon may quickly become the go-to guy. Hopefully we have a guy like Julio Jones or A. J. Green on our hands, someone that will make a huge impact this year and will be here for at least two more after that. Tori Gurley also sounds like he's going to make a significant impact this year.

A few more tidbits:

Fellow Gamecocks blogger Flounder of Leftover Hot Dog did an informative interview with Gators First regarding the upcoming season. Check it out here.

Highly rated defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd is apparently quite interested in USC. (Note that the link sends you to a blurb on a pay site; you have to be a member to read the entire article.) If we land him, Floyd will be one of this year's biggest recruits for us. Moreover, getting him along with the already committed Kelcy Quarles will give us one of the SEC's best interior linemen duos for the next few years. Some other heavy hitters are in the running for Floyd, so obviously our coaches will need to continue to work him. Let's hope they make it happen.

UPDATE: Arkansas cornerback Isaac Madison is out for the season with a torn ACL. Madison started 11 games last year and projected to be a major contributor on defense. The Hogs were already pretty shaky at corner, so this is a major blow for them.