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Wednesday News and Notes: Practice Notes, Offensive Line Lineup Out, and News from Knoxville

There's not a lot of news out of practice today. The one bit that caught my eye out of the reports is that Antonio Allen is playing well and is pushing Alonzo Winfield for the starter position at spur. I've been going on and on throughout the off-season about how secondary is a huge cause for concern, but with many of the younger guys apparently playing quite well, I'm beginning to think it may not be a problem unless we really get hit with injuries. I'd now say that I'm more worried about the defensive line, which has been slammed with a combination of suspensions and injuries.

In other news, if you haven't seen it yet, here's the depth chart for the offensive line:

The lineup: Jarriel King at left tackle, Terrence Campbell at left guard, Garrett Anderson and Lemuel Jeanpierre in a platoon at center, T.J. Johnson and Heath Batchelor platooning at right guard, and Quintin Richardson at right tackle.

Rokevious Watkins can back up at both tackles, Hutch Eckerson at right tackle, and Jeanpierre could also back up at both guard spots. …

Offensive lineman Steven Singleton (6-3, 300) is taking occasional reps at noseguard in a certain scheme, when the defense "needs a big body," said defensive line coach Brad Lawing.

Finally, there's a good bit of news out of Knoxville recently. First of all, Lane Kiffin has named Jonathan Crompton his starting quarterback. I expected this would be the case, but Nick Stephens apparently gave Crompton quite a run for his money. FWIW, I expect Cromtpon to be one of the most improved players in the SEC this year.

Second of all, Vols go-to receiver Gerald Jones is out for a few weeks with an ankle sprain. This probably won't affect our game with UT, but it's potentially devastating for early-season games against UCLA and Florida.