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Prepare Yourselves

Gentle readers, football season is now upon us. Today is the last Sunday until December that won't be spent ruminating on how the weekend's games went down. With that in mind, I'd like to tell you what you can expect to find around here this and every week leading up to a game. In addition to covering any news of note like I usually do, I'm planning on writing three previews for each game--one on key issues facing our offense, another on issues facing our defense, and finally a general preview that includes a prediction. I'm also planning on doing Q & A interviews with my favorite bloggers that cover our opponents. In other words, it's for the most part going to be all football, all the time around here for the next few months, so come on by and join the comments threads for your daily fix.

The other thing I want to say right now is that I'd encourage any and everyone to take advantage of the blog's Fanposts feature. Fanposts allow you to write your own columns, and are thus appropriate if you have something substantial and extended to say that you can't fit into a comment thread. As many of our community's long-time members can attest, I always move interesting Fanposts to the front page, so Fanposts are really a great venue for you to get your opinion out in the open.