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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Ten


1. Auburn Tigers

The Tigers can wrap up the SEC West this weekend with a victory over UGA.

2. LSU Tigers

The Mad Hatter strikes again in a wild victory over Alabama. I'm beginning to believe again, like I did in 2007, that there may be a method to his madness. I'm sure he'll lose a last-second thriller due to clock mismanagement, though, to prove me wrong.

3. Alabama Crimson Tide

The Tide blew their shot at returning to a BCS bowl by losing to LSU.

4. Arkansas Razorbacks

The Hogs dominated South Carolina and appear to be gearing up for a strong finish.

5. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

The Bulldogs have a shot to move up a bit if they can beat Arkansas and / or Alabama. Def. the league's surprise team of the year.

6. Florida Gators

The East is on the line in Gainesville this week.

7. South Carolina Gamecocks

Was that the beginning of another November swoon? The 'Cocks still have a chance to win the East if they regroup.

8. Georgia Bulldogs

UGA has a chance to much up Auburn's dream season this weekend.

9. Mississippi Rebels

The Rebels will have to figure out a way to win two of three against UT, LSU, and MSU to make bowl eligibility. Think they'd like those games against Vandy and Jacksonville St. back now?

10. Kentucky Wildcats

The Wildcats should wrap up bowl eligibility against Vandy this weekend. The real target, though, is ending their losing streak against Tennessee.

11. Tennessee Volunteers

Still not out of the running for bowl eligibility if they can win out.

12. Vanderbilt Commodores

Utterly demolished by Florida.