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South Carolina Gamecocks at Georgia Bulldogs Basketball: A Quick Recap

It was the same story on a different day in the South Carolina Gamecocks' 64-48 loss to the Georgia Bulldogs this evening, as the Carolina's effort were again done in by anemic guard play. Carolina's backcourt combined for 6-36 from the field, and they played a large part in allowing Georgia's guards to rack up plenty of points off the perimeter, particularly during UGA's decisive run late in the first half. Carolina's front court played fairly well, although Sam Muldrow sat a large portion of the game while in foul trouble and was unable to contribute as much defensively as we're accustomed to. Unfortunately, though, we went to our big guys far too infrequently for them to make a major difference in the outcome of the game.

I would rant and rave about the lack of reasonable strategy apparent in our performance in this game, but what's the use? This is more or less the same thing we've done all season. I'll give Coach Horn credit for giving Eric Smith nearly as many minutes as Bruce Ellington received. Smith didn't help us much in the scoring department in this game, but he did contribute three assists and didn't turn the ball over a single time, in both categories far outperforming Ellington. Maybe this week Smith will finally get the start he deserves. Past that, Horn yet again deserves no credit for adjusting to this team's problems. We continued inexplicably to rely on Ellington and Ramon Galloway, and it got us another ugly loss. These two players are dead weight on the team and have been for weeks, and they combined to take nearly 50% of our field goal attempts in this game. That tells the story of the game as well as the story of this season, and that's why we've harped on it here for weeks now. All I can really say at this point is that it's profoundly frustrating to watch a team with enough talent to at least be a solid bubble team get routinely pounded by average basketball teams because our coach refuses to make adjustments that are abundantly logical according to prior results.

Carolina hosts Tennessee in this week's midweek game.