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The Tweet Sheet: mining the twittersphere so you don't have to

Some of you may know that I recently joined Twitter under the name "@FeatherdWarrior." Why would someone who is perfectly happy being oblivious to the dining habits of Kim Kardashian join the Twitter, you ask? I'm not entirely sure, myself. Perhaps it's because I felt like the technology age was passing me by. It's a strong possibility considering I still don't have a smart phone and the thought of shelling out $75 a month for a data plan makes me sob uncontrollably. After all, I'm still young by most standards, and the internet is supposed to be my generation's element. Not being on Twitter feels a little bit like betraying the gift of youth. You know what I'm talking about. When one is young you're supposed to make decisions that will make you audibly groan while thinking about them 25 years later. Twitter, to me, seems exactly like one such decision. But this is just one of several reasons to join Twitter.

Maybe it's the boost that having "followers" gives one's ego. Disseminating one's opinions 140 characters at a time has a sort of messianic quality to it that we haven't seen since the advent of greeting cards.  And for all the supposed profundity that flows around Twitter, "follower" might as well be changed to "apostle." I imagine there's quite a rush that goes along with making up a famous quote and watching it spread throughout the internet like wildfire.  Alas, my reasons for joining Twitter probably don't include this one since the only followers I have are courtesy follows from other Gamecock bloggers (thanks guys, 'preciate ya!)

The truth is, when you're in the blogging business (and by "business,"  I mean hobby) you're out the loop if you don't have Twitter. The recent regime changes in North Africa and the Middle East have highlighted the impact that social media can have. Why should I have to wait until the morning to learn that Lane Kiffin is being run out of Knoxville on a rail any more than I should have to wait to hear about the latest tyranny in Syria? I've often wondered if lighting myself ablaze outside of Neyland Stadium could have saved us all from that year under Lane Kiffin's rule.

There's also a certain curiosity that Twitter purports to sait. Ever rubbed elbows with a famous person? With Twitter you're just 140 characters away from getting a retweet (RT) and a slew of high fives from you're buddies. All you have to do is think of something witty to say. That's the rub, though. For every entertaining tweet there are literally thousands that make you dumber for having read them. Wading though the gobbledygook to get to the gems is actually a pretty big chore. And that's why, friends, I've decided to put out the Tweet Sheet. Twitter is not for everyone, and I'm still making up my mind if it's for me. But that's no reason why we should be deprived of the twitterial musings of South Carolina's favorite athletes. So without further ado, I give you the first edition of the Tweet Sheet. Below the jump you'll find a sampling of the most interesting tweets surrounding Gamecock athletics (complete with commentary, of course).


Just add "standing up to bullies" to the list of things Marcus Lattimore can do well. It's not enough for this young man to dominate the SEC on the gridiron, he's going to do it his way. He's like a South Carolinian Broadway Joe. A "Broad River Joe," if you will.  He's simulateously preaching the gospel of hard work and discipline, while letting kids know it's OK to be themselves.



One of the first things I leaned from Twitter was that Jackie Bradley, Jr. and I share the same Chick-fil-a proclivities. Spicy chicken sandwich meal (#3). Add a peach milk shake and you're halfway to nirvana.



If you do happen to get a Twitter account, I'd recommend following Andy Demtra (@GamecockRadio) immediately. The guy is always throwing out interesting stats and funny quips, and you don't even have to listen to him pronounce "sophomore."