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South Carolina Gamecocks Scrimmage Report

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The Gamecocks held an open scrimmage this evening. Here are a few thoughts on the reports coming out of it.

Shon Carson may seriously challenge Kenny Miles for backup RB. Earlier this summer, I said that I think Carson has a good shot at backup RB, and some of you said that you think it's unlikely that a true freshman will beat out a seasoned back like Miles. Well, I hate to say "I told you so," but Carson continues to show out at practice. He had some very nice runs tonight. If he doesn't displace Miles, he'll at the very least get a solid bit of playing time. I think we may have gotten a real sleeper in this kid.

Connor Shaw played well. Shaw had some good throws tonight. I still expect Garcia, who is playing steady, to be the starter all year. However, I'm glad that Shaw is beginning to show signs of maturity, and I'll welcome him as our QB if Spurrier sees reason to play him much this year. Unfortunately, he left the scrimmage with a minor hand injury. He's expected to be back within a week.

We have great WRs. We're hearing nothing but extremely positive things about our WR corps. Even the formerly struggling Jason Barnes has begun to play very well. It sounds like it's not just going to be Alshon Jeffery this year for the Gamecocks.

The secondary may be struggling. It sounds like our DBs are making some nice picks, which is a pleasant surprise. However, they're also blowing coverages and giving up long TDs. In other words, more of the same from last year. That's not good, folks.

Jadeveon Clowney is ready to make an impact. Clowney was dominant tonight, with many observers commenting that the speed he shows off the line is absolutely unprecedented. On one play, he sacked Garcia, forced a fumble, and ran the fumble back for a TD. I still wonder how well Clowney will do as a true freshman going up against seasoned SEC offensive lines, but he will have an impact this year. Down the road, he should be one of the country's most dominant defensive stars. This kid is the real McCoy.