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Lamar Scruggs has transferred to... somewhere

7:56 PM UPDATE: Lamar Scruggs has indicated that Appalachian State is not the school to which he will transfer, but it still appears as though he is transferring. We just don't know to what school. I'm not sure why Spurrier said Appalachian State, if that's not where he's going. But I guess Lamar Scruggs knows better than Steve Spurrier what Lamar Scruggs is doing. I will leave the below story in its original form, however, because I still want an excuse to embed the "Appalachian State University is HOT HOT HOT" video.

In a move that seems best for both parties involved, South Carolina wide receiver Lamar Scruggs has elected to transfer to Appalachain State, according to Scott Hood of Gamecock Central:


The Gamecocks still need to shed 4 players to meet the roster cap. That number takes into account that incoming recruits Joe Harris and Jhaustin Thomas will likely be placed at Fork Union Prep after failing to obtain qualifying test scores. So it's probable that we'll see a number of other players transfer this summer. A couple of weeks ago, Steve Spurrier told the media that Andrew Clifford is being encouraged to explore his options. But, if his Twitter feed is any indication, Clifford seems pretty enthusiastic about participating in summer workouts with his teammates in Columbia, so whether or not he'll actually take Spurrier's advice remains to be seen.

Scruggs is a redshirt junior from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The only stats he has recorded during his career at Carolina are three catches for 53 yards during the 2010 season. He entered spring practice behind RS Junior DeAngelo Smith on the wide receiver depth chart and might not have even made the two deep for the first game against Vanderbilt, given the influx of wide receiver talent in the 2012 recruiting class.

In any case, I thank Mr. Scruggs for his contribution to the program and wish him the best of luck in Boone, NC, where I hear it is hot, hot, hot: