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Top Ten 2011 South Carolina Football Plays: Number Seven, Marcus Lattimore Goes the Distance on a Screen Pass against Vanderbilt

This post continues our series on the best plays of last season. Last time, we discussed D.J. Swearinger's interception in the Tennessee game. Installment number seven is Marcus Lattimore's TD reception in the Vanderbilt. Here's the play:

Marcus Lattimore 52-yard Touchdown vs. Vanderbilt (via GamecocksOnline)

Why It's Here: Mainly because at the time, this play really had the look of a Heisman moment for Marcus. He had some help on the play: the linemen were perfectly lured by the blocking scheme and Stephen Garcia's patience to let the play develop, Terrence Campbell makes a nice block in the second level, and Nick Jones emphatically takes out a Vandy DB to make sure his buddy gets into the end zone untouched. However, the play also showcased some of Lattimore's best attributes. You really get a taste here for his great vision, as he perfectly anticipates the blocks in the open field and chooses the right running lanes. This is also probably the fastest he's looked to me on game tape, although I guess you have to concede that Vandy's defense isn't Florida's when it comes to speed. In any event, this was simply a very memorable play that showcases why we have one of the best running backs in the nation. Here's to hoping this is how he looks this fall when he comes back from injury.

Why It's Not Higher: Like some of the other plays we've looked at so far, this one didn't have a big enough impact on the outcome of the game. That's not to say it didn't have an impact. As you'll probably recall, our offense struggled quite a bit in this game, mainly due to some really ugly Garcia interceptions. I remember thinking before this play that we needed a little momentum going into the second half, perhaps a field goal. We got the big play, but unfortunately things didn't get too much better in the second half. Luckily, our defense was playing so well that this play put the outcome far enough out of the Commodores' reach for me to feel pretty comfortable about the game regardless of what Garcia did thereafter.