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The Feed Pail: August 23, 2012 - One Week Away

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Gamecocks Football

SBNation: Bill C. Has continued his series of reviews, and posted his thought on the South Carolina Gamecocks. He references the stats from March 5 on Football Study Hall. He really gets into the stats, much deeper than I ever could. I mean, that's a ton of information. But, in the end he isn't quite sure what to do with our football team and concludes in the following fashion:

This season could take so many different turns, especially if luck is not Carolina's friend this time around, but at the same time there is no truly likely loss beyond the LSU game. To me, anything between 7-5 and 11-1 is a distinct possibility. And please don't ask me to commit to either extreme.

While you are there, Bill C. has done previews for several other teams, if you have the time there is a wealth of information there. What do you think of Bill C.'s many, many words on the Carolina Gamecocks in 2012?

LeftoverHotDog: The General reminds us that people still don't have respect for Connor Shaw. It's probably the fact that he didn't throw too many deep balls last year. But with this offense, all you need to do is spread the ball around, he can have success. I actually think we'll see a few more deep balls this year, too.

WWL: Chris Low has a write-up on Lattimore being ready to hit the field running again. Talking about his violent style of running has me ready to see the offensive Number 21 hit the field running.

The Rubber Chickens: Heh. good one.

The Rubber Chickens: 2012 South Carolina football helmet schedule. If you haven't already printed yours out, here it is. Not that I need any help remembering, but I usually like to have one of these hung up in my office.

Post & Courier: Did someone say Clowney? This might be hard for some of you to stomach; but, I agree with Rex Ryan. "If he came out now, he would be a first-round draft pick" Ryan said. But, you have to love that the coaches are pushing Clowney. Also, some good notes in there on D.L. Moore and Mike Davis.

Loose feed:

WWL: Opposing players to keep an eye on: No. 8 player in the SEC LSU's DT Barkevious Mingo. Still no sign of any USC players. I feel assured that Lattimore and Clowney will eventually appear, but the dearth of USC talent in this countdown is still surprising.

TeamSpeedKills: A college football fan's spin on the Beloit College Mindset List. Entertaining.

TeamSpeedKills: Year2's predictions for the SEC in 2012, both divisions. I seem to agree with a lot of his picks, but that's just me. For example, I think in the short-term that Mizzou is going to have it a bit easier than fellow new-comer Texas A&M. I just think that not having to play LSU, Alabama and Arkansas all in the same year is going to benefit Missouri. And, I wouldn't be shocked if Missouri upsets Georgia in week two. With that number 1 WR recruit going against a depleted secondary, look out.

UPDATE -- WWL: Clowney checks in at Number 7 on ESPN's Top 25 Players in the SEC preseason.

UPDATE 2 -- Tennessee's Da'Rick Rogers suspended indefinitely. We don't see them until October 27th, so plenty of time for him to serve a suspension if he is not officially kicked off the team. We'll see. Doesn't help UT in the near future, though.