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SEC Power Poll Questions: Week Four

1. Anyone willing to advocate for moving Georgia and/or South Carolina ahead of LSU? Maybe this is a bit premature, but the Tigers struggled against an Auburn team that had looked like garbage in prior weeks, while the Bulldogs and Gamecocks played their best games of the season and look to be gelling just in time for their head-to-head showdown. Should LSU fans be worried? Granted, you could argue that LSU could have easily won this game by two or three touchdowns if not for some untimely fumbles by a quarterback who was probably a little shell-shocked in his first SEC road action, but still, this hardly looked like a team that's going to challenge Alabama in the West, and, for one week at least, it didn't look like a team that's clearly superior to the East's likely two best teams. Heck, maybe Florida can beat LSU.

2. Is Auburn the best of the bottom tier? I was impressed by AU's defense against LSU. It wasn't as dominant a performance as the score indicates, but still, the AU defensive front held its own against LSU's vaunted offensive line, and the AU secondary looked improved, too. Maybe that VanGorder magic is about to become apparent. The offense remains an epic disaster, but a visit from an Arkansas defense that gave up 500+ yards to Rutgers might be just what the doctor ordered for Kiehl Frazier and company. At this point, I'm actually thinking that Ole Miss poses a bigger threat to AU than Arkansas. I would probably rate the bottom five AU, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Kentucky. Anyone disagree?

3. Rank these teams: Mizzou, Texas A&M, Tennessee. I have little sense of what to think of these teams, other than that Mizzou likely isn't as good as they looked when they had a relatively late lead against UGA. Does any of these teams have a shot at winning more than seven games or so?