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SB Nation Blogpoll Questions: Week Four

1. LSU? As I said in my SEC Power Poll questions, I'm doubting LSU right now. Some of their errors were due to carelessness, but carelessness will get you killed in the SEC. How far, if at all, should they drop? If they drop, who should be number two?

2. FSU? Like many of you, I thoroughly enjoyed watching FSU dismantle Clemson in the second half. But are they a for-real national title contender? They were a good bit better than Clemson, but while Chad Morris and the Tigers skills positions players are a sight to behold, the CU offensive and defensive fronts were unimpressive. Heck, CU's defense is probably the worst of any team that deserves consideration for the top 25. How much credit does FSU deserve? This game is going to be one we're going to have to look back to often, by the way, because FSU simply doesn't play many good teams this season. They're almost certain to win out until they play the Gators, and they should win that one, too. Their road is paved to a top five finish. Do they deserve a top two finish, should they win out?

3. Clemson? How far do they drop? Can they respond with a 10+-win season, or are more ACC losses in store? Like I said, there's definitely some offensive firepower here, but the game last night could have been even worse than it already was. FSU shot itself in the foot in every way imaginable, and the 'Noles still won convincingly. What does that say about CU? I'm inclined not to drop them too far, considering that they lost to a national title contender, but the way they lost should probably worry CU fans.

4. Kansas St.? I didn't get to watch this game, but KSU upset Oklahoma in Norman. The Sooners had already shown some evidence of not being an elite team, but still, winning in Norman--well, it's a big accomplishment, needless to say. Anyone who watched have any thoughts about this game? How good is K-State?

5. Notre Dame? The offense isn't good enough right now for a national title run, but the defense, quite frankly, seems every bit as good as any other team in the nation, including 'Bama. Don't believe me? Compare the stat lines between ND-Michigan and 'Bama-Michigan. ND is every bit as impressive. I'm feeling a bit bullish on this team right now.