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Linked Up: A Sea of Blue and Dawg Sports

This post is part of an SBN-wide effort to call attention to some of the great blogs around our network. I'm going to link to A Sea of Blue and Dawg Sports, which represent our two upcoming football opponents and also happen to be among my favorite communities at SBN.

There's not a lot to be happy about on the Big Blue Gridiron this season, but A Sea of Blue is still pumping out some good stuff on the subject. ASOB's focus is, understandably, college basketball, but my impression has always been that Kentucky fans, while clearly more interested in basketball, do care about football more than fans of other basketball schools. In any event, one thing over there that you have to read is a2d2's Gathering of the Great Football Minds, which is a little lighter than the somber matters of Kentucky's current football ineptitude. Depending on how you feel about Lou Holtz, you'll either laugh, scoff, or cry at the depiction of our former coach as the annoying little friend Bear Bryant doesn't want to admit to having.

From the Dawg Sports side of things, you'll be interested to read MaconDawg's article on the recruitment of Brendan Langley, who is currently committed to Carolina. Langley, as you might have heard, has been in Athens the past two weeks, and Georgia has made a bit of a push with him because Mark Fox has expressed interest in having Langley join the basketball team. As MaconDawg says, though, the only thing that seems to be driving Langley's interest in UGA at this point is Langley's interest in playing basketball, and it won't be hard for us to counter that move by introducing Langley to Frank Martin when Langley gets on campus. This is a story to watch in the next few weeks, but I still feel good about our chances.