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The Feed Pail - September 27, 2012 - Connor Shaw Near 100% Good for Business

Some quick links and daily reading material from around the internets as they pertain to the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Streeter Lecka - Getty Images

TFP: The man has a gun, he knows how to use it

Gamecock Anthem: Shaw near 100%. Which is a good thing. I'm glad he'll be able to play without worrying to much. I still hope he'll do a better job of getting down and protecting himself, but it is good to know, or hope, that the 20-21 performance on Saturday vs Mizzou could be a sign of great things to come.

TheBigSpur: (paywall). There is some great info in the VIP room. Including but not limited to talks about further facilities upgrades for football, basketball and several other areas. Also, ESPN has contacted USC about Gameday, but not official, we are one of three or four games that they are shopping around. As I said earlier, I certainly believe that two top ten teams playing with hopes for the SEC East championship on the line is the most appealing, but I also recognize the fact that there are some good matchups on October 6th with teams that might have a bigger brand than our South Carolina Gamecocks. (Read: why CBS chose Florida/LSU over USC vs UGA) We shall see.

Leftover Hot Dog: Flounder has two videos from SEC Digital network with Steve Spurrier and Joker Phillips talking about the September 29th matchup.

Justin King looks back at games 2-4:

Game Review: Thanks to Bill C.'s Beyond the Box Score Review of the South Carolina vs Missouri game, you can see a very detailed breakdown of the game where the South Carolina Gamecocks welcomed Missouri to the SEC. Gamecocks are now 1-2 all-time vs Missouri.

Speaking of Bill C., he has posted a write-up of his five-day road trip throughout most of the SEC. A great read, if you haven't already looked at it, go check it out.

Team Speed Kills: Here is your look around the SEC in what the blogs are saying. SEC Blitz, Week 5.

Sunday Morning Quarterback: A detailed breakdown from SMQ of Marcus Lattimore and his return campaign. Where Matt states that the offense is successful right now because of the sum of its parts and not just because Lattimore is carrying the team. I agree. Hopeful that the receivers will continue to progress and Connor Shaw will keep his completion percentage north of 70%. By the way Connor Shaw is 4th in the SEC in QB Rating and yards/attempt; and First in the conference in completion percentage.

CBS Sports: Conspiracy theory! Kentucky's Mike Benton is not suspended for a game after a targeting hit. I still think that this rule lacks uniform enforcement, and the league office will continue to spin it.