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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: 1/27-2/2

Al Messerschmidt

1 (unanimous). Florida Gators 84

2 (unanimous). Ole Miss Rebels 78

3. Missouri Tigers 71

4. Kentucky Wildcats 63

5. Alabama Crimson Tide 60

6. Arkansas Razorbacks 49

7. Tennessee Volunteers 47

8. Texas A&M Aggies 37

9. South Carolina Gamecocks 34

10. Vanderbilt Commodores 32

11. Auburn Tigers 30

12. Georgia Bulldogs 20

13. LSU Tigers 16

14 (unanimous). Mississippi St. Bulldogs 6


The Tide let one get away in Knoxville. With a resume so thin every game now becomes a must-win.--Alabama Basketball Blog


Like a broken record, the point remains that Arkansas can't win on the road.--And the Valley Shook


Almost got the Rebels at home. At least their fans got on all sorts of web sites when Henderson mocked them.--A Sea of Blue


They're so good - and have been so dominant - I'll probably keep them here even if they lose to Ole Miss on Saturday. Their margin of victory for their six SEC games: 33, 22, 21, 31, 17, and 35.--Chicken Hoops


This team’s offense begins and ends with Caldwell-Pope. When he goes 8-12 from the field and grabs 9 rebounds against A&M on the road, they win. When he’s 5-14 from the floor at home against Mississippi State, they lose.--Chicken Hoops


Still waiting for this team to play a full 40 minutes. When was the last time Ole Miss was a favorite entering a game with Kentucky?--Alabama Basketball Blog


Gave Kentucky a good run at Rupp, and it wouldn't surprise me to see them peel off a few wins in the next three games: home to a beat-up Missouri, at Miss. St., and home against Vandy.--Chicken Hoops

Mississippi St.

Back to the bottom for the Bulldogs. They haven't really been competitive since the first two games.--And the Valley Shook

Ole Miss

They'll only go as far as their shooting allows. That means they could be an Elite 8 team or they could end up losing to Lehigh in the first round as a 5 seed.--Georgia Sports Blog


Hanging in without Bowers by grabbing two wins over weaker teams in Columbia (though not before the Gamecocks gave them a scare). They will be hellishly underseeded for someone in post-season play if they get healthy by March.--Chicken Hoops

South Carolina

By whipping the crap out of Arkansas, the Gamecocks prove that teams 7-12 are just the same teams in different jerseys.--Georgia Sports Blog


Tennessee finally showed us why they were a preseason pick to make the tournament by taking Ole Miss to the limit and beating Alabama.--And the Valley Shook

Texas A&M

After a strong start, the team that lost to Southern has seemingly returned.--Alabama Basketball Blog


The Dores were showing some improvement before that curb stomping at Mizzou.--Alabama Basketball Blog