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Marcus Lattimore on Steve Spurrier coaching topless

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We asked Marcus Lattimore about Steve Spurrier coaching without a shirt on because it would have been would have been irresponsible not to.

As you may have noticed from the piece that we published earlier today on Marcus Lattimore's rehabilitation, I was lucky enough to get a chance to interview Marcus last week. We asked him a lot of questions, and most of them were about the progress he's made in his recovery from his October knee injury.

However, there was one non sequitur question that I would not allow to go unasked: What does Marcus Lattimore think about Steve Spurrier coaching without a shirt on and the fact that it has become a popular internet meme?

[Laughs] Aw, man. We see it everywhere. I mean, he always does that. He’s just a relaxed person. He really doesn’t care about what people have to say. It’s funny. Of course it’s funny because you don’t expect a coach to do that. But that’s all part of his personality.

On his relationship with the Head Ball Coach:

I talk to him almost every week. He just calls to check on me and I ask how everybody’s doing and how all the coaches are doing. It’s a real good relationship. I love coach spurrier. He’s taught me a lot.

On what Spurrier has built at South Carolina:

Coach Spurrier knows that it’s about the whole picture when it comes to winning football games. It’s about doing things right off the field. And that what makes him such a great coach.

The renewed popularity of XXX pics of Steve Spurrier notwithstanding, we have yet to see our first shirtless Spurrier sighting of the spring. Of course, we'll be all over it as soon as it happens. (Take that as literally as you want to.)