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Sidney Rice: Gamecock legend, hot wing magnate

Sidney Rice has to settle for sharing the record for career receiving touchdowns with Alshon Jeffery, but he's in a league of his own in the category of WFOBFGFP*.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

*Wingstop Franchises Owned By Former Gamecock Football Players

Forbes sports business writer Alicia Jessop tweeted on Tuesday evening that former Gamecock wide receiver Sidney Rice has purchased five Wingstop chains:

What might have prompted Mr. Rice to make such an investment? Perhaps it was an eye-opening visit the Seattle Seahawk made to Wingstop last month.

Honestly, I'm slightly disappointed Sidney didn't go for some sort of play-on-words with his surname** when selecting the type of restaurant he was going to purchase. Honestly, would it have been that hard for him to buy a P.F. Chang's or two? God knows, noted Gamecock fan Kenny Chesney would have loved it.

Are there any other nouveau riche Gamecock alums who you could foresee buying fast food franchises?

**Incidentally, I had a bag of rice confiscated by the cops while attempting to drunkenly enter Williams-Brice for the 2006 Auburn game. Remember when people would throw rice after Sidney did good things? That was fun.