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The GABA Cast Episode 57: All that and a bag of Birmingham.

Ain’t no party like a bowl preview party ‘cause, hey, we’re going to a bowl!

NCAA Basketball: Florida International at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

This is a podcast. We discuss South Carolina athletics (sometimes). We are passionate about pretty much everything...sometimes we even have a reason to be.

On this week's show, by our powers combined, we dive into Championship week's winners and losers, preview our favorite bowls (or at least the ones we're going to watch on TV), make our case for Birmingham being an okay bowl site, and dissect each basketball team's prospectus as the men and women head into conference play. We also play 'guess that Big 12 affiliate member' and expose the conspiracy that, yes, your team's best player was snubbed in New York. Oh, also, your opinion about any of the preceding topics is probably bad (because DC3’s are always bad).

Find us wherever (iTunes or Blogtalk Radio) or you can do what we’d do and click below to play the show right here in your browser. We hope you enjoy listening!