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The GABA Cast. Episode 42

College football week one is in the books and it involves an undefeated Will Muschamp.

South Carolina v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images


(apparently making references to late 90’s pop songs is cool right now, just ask Stingray.)

The GABA Cast Triumvirate returns to discuss everything from week one of the 2016 college football season. This was billed as the best opening weekend in history, and it certainly delivered the goods: Steve Spurrier wore something that looked like a Weekend at Bernie’s t-shirt, Bryan Kelly and Gus Mahlzan played musical quarterback chairs, Chad Kelly got blown up in the second half and then got roasted on Twitter, Dan Mullen wore shorts, and Joey Freshwater took out 52 points worth of aggression on his former employer.

Also, the South Carolina Gamecocks are 1-0. Did you know that? The team that everyone thought was so bad they probably couldn’t even win their own spring game. The Boom era is here and we’re going to be irrational and optimistic (well, DC3 won’t be) and we just don’t care. The moral of the story? Don’t write checks your sweet feet can’t cash, Ralph Webb:

In addition to soaking up all of the enjoyment we can from the week one win over the Commode-doors, we dive into the week two match-up against the Mississippi State Bulldogs, including what we can expect to see from the defense, offense, and what the win over Vanderbilt really means moving forward.

So, sit tight, act like you’re doing some work, and plug into your (we hope) favorite Gamecocks podcast as we talk baked goods, Yelp reviews in Starkville, and why Georgia’s guaranteed to go 3-9 this year.

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