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The GABA Cast. Episode 79: A Hundred Miles an hour in the Wrong Direction.

The guys talk Hoover, Holbrook, and a Host of other Gamecock topics.

Greetings, loyal listeners!

It's a sad time around around here. With Gamecock sports winding down for the (school) year, we are faced with the reality that the long, hot, sweaty, boring sports-less summer is upon us. We're also faced with the reality that Gamecock Baseball was not so good this year. What do we make of it all? Where do we go from here? IS IT FOOTBALL SEASON YET?!

You, know, the usual.

In this week's episode, we break down the rollercoaster ride that saw the Gamecocks actually win baseball games in the SEC Championship, but we get into a lot of other topics, including a coaching change rumor, and whether or not we feel like it's actually the head coach that needs to be changed. DC3 compares Chad Holbrook to Mike Shula, Alex makes a (possible) Tiger Woods reference about Gamecock baseball going the wrong way on the interstate, and Sam tries to talk everyone out of their fears that Ray Tanner is going to extend Holbrook's contract.

For now, we bid you adieu until football season shows itself on the horizon, but, fear not, we shall return.

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Drive safe, Go Cocks, Tip your waitress.