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Gamecocks unveil new Carolina script helmets

New year, new duds.

Gamecock Athletics

Thought you’d get through the offseason without a uniform post here, did ya?

For the past few days, rumors had been swirling about the South Carolina Gamecocks’ uniform combination for the season opener, fueled by recent branding activity by USC. The athletics department recently embraced the 1980s Joe Morrison-era “Carolina” script as somewhat of a secondary logo, rolling out a collection of merchandise with the script and encouraging fans to wear it on Saturday.

Putting an end to the speculation, the team revealed its “battle armor” for Coastal Carolina in a video that highlights a new and very special helmet:

My thoughts are pretty simple. I love, love, love the Carolina script and always have. I’m perfectly fine with the university and team deciding to incorporate it more, though I’d prefer to see it continue to function in a secondary role. I do, however, wish the jerseys said “Gamecocks” rather than repeating “Carolina” (or, even better, if they just didn’t have a wordmark on the chest at all). The helmet is otherwise so good that I just can’t bring myself to complain much.

So, how’s everyone feeling about this?