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Let’s Visit With Human Bloomin’ Onion and Gamecock Good Luck Charm Ryan Nanni!

Before Carolina and Georgia get it on this weekend, let’s talk SEC football with the man that gifted us an Outback Bowl win!

I was in New York on business this week, so I went to the SB Nation headquarters where a happy hour featuring an inflatable pool that I assume was going to be filled with ice and booze was being set up. I was not invited to see how it all turned out.

Instead, Ryan Nanni, who you may remember as the Bloomin’ Onion from the third quarter of Carolina’s Outback Bowl win last season over Michigan, whisked me away to a cramped studio where we looked into my laptop’s camera and talked about college football.

Come for the memories of bowl games past. Stay for the comparisons of Jeremy Pruitt to John Wayne Gacey and Derek Dooley to Ethan Hunt.