Week 1 CFB Playoff Ranking - Top 6

(1) Tennessee: Best wins = Alabama (6), LSU (10) Worst Loss = None Still to Play = Georgia (3), SEC Championship Game?

I can see this, but again if Alabama had a field goal kicker, they would have won that game. That is all I’m saying. People overlook that when they think Tennessee is having a great year. They are, but they could easily be in the 6th spot instead of Alabama.

(2) Ohio State: Best wins = Penn State (15) Worst Loss = None Still to Play = Michigan (5), Illinois (16), B1G Championship Game

They have beaten everyone on their schedule. That is all I can say about that. I’m not sold on Penn State being a top 15 team, but what do I know

(3) Georgia: Best Wins = Oregon (8) Worst Loss = None Still to Play = Tennessee (1), SEC Championship Game?

Honestly, I would have them at 2 over Ohio State. They have the better win. Did they struggle at Missouri? Sure. The season comes down to Saturday’s game against Tennessee. I think the loser of that game can still make the top 4 if they blow everyone else out of the water.

(4) Clemson: Best wins = Syracuse (20), Wake (21), NC State (22) Worst Loss = None Still to Play = ACC Championship Game

Seriously? Why would you put them at 4 this year? Did they just not want 2 B1G teams and 2 SEC teams in the top 4? Syracuse was embarrassed at home against a barely .500 Notre Dame team. The same team that Clemson plays next. This is a joke right…is it April Fool’s Day again?

(5) Michigan: Best Win = Penn State (15) Worst Loss = None Still to Play = Illinois (16), Ohio State (2)

You got shafted by B1G bias. Basically, you have beaten everyone you played like you should have so far. Your schedule just sucks right now. The last 2 weeks of the season will make or break you.

(6) Alabama: Best win = Texas (24) Worst loss = Tennessee (1) Still to Play = LSU (10), Ole Miss (11), SEC Championship Game?

This is where you should be for missing that field goal at the end of the Tennessee game. You lead the nation in recruiting every year A&M doesn’t outspend you. Pay a freaking kicker for once. It’s not like this hasn’t hurt you before.

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