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GABACast Episode 77: Diving into South Carolina baseball’s struggles

Is it football season yet?

Coach Holbrook

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Greetings faithful listeners!

The boys are all here and they're ready to fire (see what we did there?) off some slightly-less-than-boiling opinions that may or may not be related to our recent mental states due to a slightly-more-than-frustrating baseball season thus far.

We discuss many things, including a mid-season post-mortem on all that has transpired, and the larger implications of the real possibility that the South Carolina Gamecocks will miss the post-season for the first time since the Gerald Ford administration, but really what we try to do is pump a little fun into the mix to brighten the mood. So prepare yourself for some laughs, some wildly inaccurate opinions, and even a Notre Dame 4-8 joke or six. We go off in tangents, answer your Twitter questions, and DC3 spills a drink on himself as we hope to provide a pleasant diversion from the sadness we've experienced on the diamond this spring.