Week 3 CFB Playoff Rankings

1. Georgia – Best Wins = #5 Tenn, a bunch of so-so SEC teams: SC, Vandy, Miss State, Mizzu)

Worst Loss = None

Remain Games #6 LSU SEC Championship Game

Nothing new here for Georgia. Even if they lose to Kentucky (will not happen) they would still be in the SEC Championship game and be in the top 4. This would make it impossible for more than 1 SEC team to be in the top 4 though.

2. Ohio State – Best Wins = #11 Penn State, #18 Notre Dame

Worst Loss = None

Remaining Games = #3 Michigan, 4-Loss B1G West Team

Same goes for Ohio State. Penn State is ranked too high, and Notre Dame is on the list because they beat a very flawed Clemson team. Michigan is the hardest game left on the schedule. I still don’t know if they should be ranked this high.

3. Michigan – Best Win = #11 Penn State

Worst Loss – Non-Conference Schedule

Remaining Games = #2 Ohio State, 4-Loss B1G West Team

Same goes for Michigan, but they have a worse schedule than Ohio State. I know people say the SEC is usually 2 teams (Georgia and Alabama) and a bunch of nobodies, but the B1G this year is downright bad.


#1 Georgia Ohio State

#2 Tennessee Michigan

#3 LSU Penn State

#4 Alabama Illinois?

In that 4-game format, the SEC would be 3-1 if not 4-0.

#4. TCU – Best Wins #22 Oklahoma State, #15 Kansas State

Worst Loss = Playing in the Big XII?

Remaining Games = One of the teams above in the Big XII Championship game

At the time of their games week to week, TCU has played almost as many ranked opponents that the top 3 teams have combined (TCU = 4, The other 3 = 5 total: Ga-2, OSU-2, Mich-1). Have they blown anyone away, maybe not (except Oklahoma)? But they have won those games against ranked opponents. Even using the CFB Playoff rankings, they have defeated 2 ranked teams with a possibility of a 3rd. Only Ohio State can match that. Just because they were not a top 10 ranked team to start the year are they still number 4. Sunny Dykes has got to be the National Coach of the Year, right?

#5. Tennessee – Best Win = #8 Alabama

Worst Loss = #1 Georgia

Remaining Games = Not anyone that maters

Tennessee is hoping Georgia wins out including beating LSU in the SEC Championship game. They also need to hope that the voters will not put a team like Bottom Cal ahead of them even if they win a bad Pac-12 conference championship. It will be an interesting dilemma for the Playoff Committee to say the least. I’m not sure Tennessee will hold them off even though they have looked to be more dominate against bad competition. They will both have 2 wins against ranked teams (Tenn – LSU, Alabama; Bottom Cal – UCLA, Oregon?). I think Tennessee would have the better resume, but they could be trying to please the most people.

#6. LSU – Best Win = #8 Alabama, #14 Ole Miss

Worse Loss = #19 Florida State

Remaining Games = #1 Georgia, SEC Championship Game

LSU needs to win out and hope the winner of the Ohio State/Michigan game gets upset in the B1G Championship game. It would also help if TCU lost at some point in this scenario. If all those things happen, then LSU would be in the playoffs. If they lose a game, they are finished. If they win out, then they are more than likely in the playoffs with 3 wins against top 15 teams. They would also have 2 losses against top 20 teams. I’m not sure it is automatic if they win out to be in the playoff depending on other teams.

One of these days I will be writing about South Carolina in this Fanpost. It’s coming, I know it is.

As always, Go Cocks!

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