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SEC Hoops Power Poll Week Two Results: Insanity Reigns


1. Kentucky, 111

2 (t). Florida, 102

2 (t). Tennessee 102

4. LSU, 78

5. South Carolina, 73

6. Mississippi State, 72

7. Vanderbilt, 70

8. Arkansas, 60

9. Alabama, 44

10. Ole Miss, 26

11. Auburn, 25

12. Georgia, 12

Week 2 of SEC play gave us plenty of s[h]uffling in the top half of rankings. See the comments after the jump.


Playing tough and good, just need to execute more and play D better.--Leftover Hot Dog

Once again, there's really nothing to say about the Tide besides disappointing. They led most of the first half against MS State only to lose by double digits.--Ghost of Chucky


Unfortunately, the team that the pundits foresaw in the preseason has shown up for the first two conference games. Will we again see the team that knocked off Texas and OU? We have no clue.--Razorback Expats

Knock out two top tens, then fall twice in a row to schools from Mississippi.  Must be the proximity.--A Sea of Blue


What's amazing to me is how lackluster Florida was at handing the game to Auburn on a silver platter yet the Tigers had this uncanny ability to blow every opportunity.--Ghost of Chucky

Gave Florida a scare, but just doesn't look strong right now.--A Sea of Blue


How they get by with some of the players on their roster is beyond me. But hey, Howard Thompkins is a stud.--Ghost of Chucky

Four lossess in a row, two at home, two on the road.  I feel a coaching change in the air.--A Sea of Blue


When will this squad reach their potential? This SEC season will allow the Gators to re-establish themselves, if they can.--UK Wildcats Blog

Ugly win over Auburn.  But ugly an ugly loss is better than a stellar loss.--A Sea of Blue


The Bulldogs showed the Volunteers flaws, but couldn't come out with the win. Still think felton is on the hot seat.--UK Wildcats Blog

Four lossess in a row, two at home, two on the road.  I feel a coaching change in the air.--Razorback Expats


The King is back. After last year's debacle, the Cats, led by the amazing Jodie Meeks, torched the Vols at home. And thereby regained their throne at the top of the SEC.--UK Wildcats Blog

Jodie Meeks is the alpha and the omega, the first and last. Amen.--Razorback Expats

Ole Miss

Feel the win vis Arkansas was not a fluke as the team is finally awake.--Leftover Hot Dog

After the win over Arkansas, I have no idea what to think of this team.--A Sea of Blue

Mississippi State

I just can't support a team that lives and dies on if their shot blocker is getting favorable calls. The Bulldogs are sneaky, but i just don't like them.--UK Wildcats Blog

Will announces ever quit pronouncing it "Vernardo?"  Regardless, MSU is getting it done lately.--A Sea of Blue

South Carolina

Horn's boys play fast and hard but still a little weak inside as it showed vs. LSU.--Leftover Hot Dog

I was optimistic in the last poll that maybe the Gamecocks were going to surprise some people in the East. Obviously not. They've been pretty much dominated by LSU.--Ghost of Chucky


UK loss was a setback but this team has the talent to do better things as the season progresses.--Leftover Hot Dog

After making more talented guards across the country look all-world, all the Vols can say is "Thank you sir, may I please have another."--Gate 21


No one's talking about them, but let's face it there isn't a whole lot to talk about. They beat Georgia, which isn't saying much. Man this conference really is bad.--Ghost of Chucky

Beating UGA is not serious; real test Saturday with MSU.--Leftover Hot Dog