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Post-Bowl SEC Football Power Poll


1. Florida, 120 points (10)

2. Alabama, 106

3. Mississippi, 102

4. Georgia, 90

5. LSU, 77.5

6. Vanderbilt, 70.5

7. Kentucky, 59.5

8. South Carolina, 54.5

9. Tennessee, 34

10. Arkansas, 33

11. Auburn, 19

12. Mississippi State, 14

Hey Jenny Slater shares this observation on a successful bowl season for the league:

What had really started looking like a down year for the SEC mid-season was nicely redeemed by the conference's bowl showing and by Florida's national-title win. SEC diehards who persisted in their chauvinism despite the Big XII's plethora of offensive powerhouses definitely have some ammunition to back up any claims that the SEC is still the best league in the country. And there's ample reason to believe they're not going to be surrendering that distinction anytime soon.

Apologies for the low turnout -- as it was probably a function of the football season having been over for a couple of weeks, I'll take the responsibility and point out that moving to Tallahassee has upended much of my blogging schedule.

However, I'll not take responsibility for voters who found Kentucky's win over East Carolina significant enough to move the Wildcats past two teams that defeated Kentucky -- one of them at home. (Though in fairness, I put Tennessee below Kentucky.) Voters will have to justify that themselves. They'll try after the jump.


Georgia stumbles to 9-3 and loses its top two offensive stars; Florida goes 12-1, wins the national title, and EVERYBODY comes back. Excuse me while I go put my head in the oven.--Hey Jenny Slater

It's one thing for Florida to return Tebow, Spikes, etc., but for the architect of the best defensive turnaround in the country to wind up back in Gainesville is flat unfair (for him and the league).--Joe Cribbs Car Wash


Never has a left tackle mattered as much as one did to the Tide. Also, maybe the Tide was the fake No. 1 many suspected, but Saban is still growing a monster.--UK Wildcat Country

How did it take 13 freaking games before someone finally figured out "Hey, maybe we should go no-huddle at these guys and see if the 400-pound colossus in the middle can keep up?"--Joe Cribbs Car Wash


Houston returns a good nucleus for next season.  Nutt's problem has never been coaching, it's been recruiting.  If he can maintain the current talent base the Rebs should be good for several years.--Orange and Blue Hue

A word of warning to those expecting the Rebels to win the West next year: Nutt may be the coach who beat Florida and Texas Tech, but he's also the guy who lost to Chris Smelley at home.--Joe Cribbs Car Wash


Nice finish to a disappointing season by the Dawgs. They have some holes to fill next year, though.--Garnet and Black Attack

Did as well as they could, given the massive injury issues. They should be satisfied. Sometimes, circumstances control you.--A Sea of Blue


Les Miles is hoping Jefferson can return him to glory but if not -- hot seat in 09?--Leftover Hot Dog

Most thought Ga. Tech would give LSU fits.  In the end, the only fits were withdrawal pains of the Tiger faithful when they quit selling beer at the Georgia Dome at the start of the 4th qtr.--Gate 21


There's no truth to the rumor that the star on Vandy's helmets will be replaced next year by a blind squirrel holding a nut aloft.--Joe Cribbs Car Wash

Wow.  Bowl game, bowl victory, winning season.  Glorianus!  Hymn March!  Anchors Aweigh!--A Sea of Blue


Wildcats got a strange win in the Liberty Bowl and finish with a decent record, but they lack a signature victory.--Garnet and Black Attack

Three bowls in a row, and three bowl wins in a row.  Not bad for a former doormat.--A Sea of Blue


Must shake off the disappointment of not finishing strong in 07 and 08.  Team has talent and speed but really young in 09.  As the state motto says - "As I breathe, I hope."--Leftover Hot Dog

Will he stay or will he go?  Steve has upgraded the talent at SC but has he kept the fire to push them to compete in a grueling conference?--Orange and Blue Hue


Who knows what the future holds with unproven Lane Kiffin and his high-priced staff taking over in Knoxville.--Garnet and Black Attack

Occasionally, great programs must be brought low, but they usually come back.  Usually.--A Sea of Blue


No Nutt, no Dicks, no D-Mac, no Springfield Mafia, not even Petrino vs. Tubby. The Hogs are the SEC's equivalent of the pair of junked-out hippies who grew up, got married, and moved to the 'burbs.--Joe Cribbs Car Wash

Arkansas showed some real improvement during the middle of the season, but faded at the end.  Still, Bobby Patrino didn't quit mid-season to go coach the German Swimming team, so there's that.--Gate 21


Q. What's more embarrassing than a 5-7 season capped off by a 36-0 loss to your arch-rival? A. Pretty much everything Auburn has done since then. Glimmers of hope may be hard to come by in '09.--Hey Jenny Slater

The Chizik hire is a joke but getting Gus Mahlzan from Tulsa was a major coup.  With him and Petrino the SEC West could be quite an offensive showcase.--Orange and Blue Hue


Another year of miserable offense got Sylvester Croom, well, Croomed. If Dan Mullen can make this team merely competent at scoring points, he should be canonized.--Hey Jenny Slater

There's nothing to see here, please disperse.  The cow-bell clanging you hear is all a figment of your imagination.  Hated to see Sly Croom go, but he did about as well as he could given the situation.--Gate 21