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Friday Morning Link Dump

Some choice reading for all is below. For those looking for more info on the Jay Graham hire, I know I've been slack. I'll have my take on that situation up soon. I promise. But I have to admit, I'm totally enchanted by this basketball team. It's kindof keeping my mind off football, for once. But we will get back to football in not too long, if only briefly to talk about the assitant coaches situation.

My favorite Gators blog, Orange and Blue Hue, on the game last night. These guys are Gators and the world revolves around them, so, you know, don't expect them to give us ANY credit for our victory. Still, Vince, Gatorpilot, and KG always provide good reads, so they're worth checking out.

Expect to see more of Sam Muldrow in the next few games. The injured center hasn't played a big role in his last few games back, but his good game starting against the Gators made a difference. While it will sacrifice speed to a certain degree, we need more heigth against certain opposing lineups, so it's good to see Muldrow getting back to form.

Finally, you know what I like about Eric Norwood? This.


Media Credit: Ben Fine / The Daily Gamecock

What a guy Norwood is. Loves to be a Gamecock. I like to see that. It'll be your turn in the fall, Eric. Thanks for coming back for one more year.