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Thursday News and Notes: Whitlock Cleared, Cann Commits

A few news bites for today:

C. C. Whitlock cleared of charges. Hopefully C. C. can put this behind him, rejoin the team, and become a contributor.

A. J. Cann commits. Cann is a four-star in-state offensive lineman. He was one of our biggest early targets, so this is an important pickup.

Seth Emerson projects the basketball team to be fourth in the SEC East. Emerson obviously isn't as high on us as Andy Katz was. I'd imagine The State pays him not to be. Emerson has his points, though. While I'm not sure I'd have Vandy as high as he does, the fact is that the SEC East will be loaded next year. Even with the talent and experience we have, it will be very hard to finish in the top two. Moreover, it's conceivable that a fourth-place finish in the division could get us into the Big Dance. For one thing, we'll have a stronger SOS than we had last year. We'll also likely dominate the West, which has a huge drop off after Mississippi State. That would bring our overall profile up.