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Wednesday News and Notes: Derek Watson Heads to Canada and Bruce Feldman Talks USC Football

Derek Watson has signed with the CFL's Calgary Stampeders. Watson joins Demetris Summers, who was a productive member of the team last year. Apparently this franchise aims to be a home to players that were busts at USC due to off-field issues. To be more serious, Summers seems to have gotten his life on track up in Calgary, so hopefully Watson can follow suit. I'm somewhat skeptical, but I'm glad he's getting a chance to put his abilities to good use.

In the Bleachers did a podcast interview with ESPN's Bruce Feldman. Feldman talks USC, Spurrier, and our QB situation at the seven minute and forty-five seconds mark. Feldman makes some good points about the QB situation and how it's been a problem for Spurrier while he's been here, but Feldman also falls back on the old cliches about Spurrier not being satisfied at South Carolina, cliches Spurrier has controverted several times. Overall, it was an interesting listen, though.