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Friday News and Notes: Eric Hyman Receives Extension, Jamon Meredith Signs with Packers

The USC Board of Trustees have approved a contract extension for AD Eric Hyman. Hyman has proven somewhat divisive with USC fans. Rising ticket prices and revisions to seating allotment rules have angered some, while others see Hyman as putting us in line with the tactics used by power programs to bring sufficient money into their programs to retain their elite status. My take? While I regret that the days of cheap tickets and apple pie are gone, we have to recognize that we're in an arms race with the Georgias and Floridas of the world. Hyman has taken steps to put us into competition with them, and he deserves his extension for that. He also gets credit for hiring Darrin Horn, which has worked out pretty well so far.

The other news today is that Jamon Meredith has signed with the Green Bay Packers. Meredith's deal is worth 1.75 million over four years. Congrats, Jamon!