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Tuesday News and Notes: Alshon Jeffery Makes the Grade, More Preview Action, and More

Alshon Jeffery has made the grade and will be eligible to join the team in the fall if he passes his summer classes. That's good news for us, as we really need the added depth at receiver.

As far as previews go, this one on the entire SEC is pretty good. I'd say it's a little harsh on us, but I can see where its coming from. It's take on us is that we're 8-5 best case and 5-7 worst case. I'd say that's a little low for the high; I could see us winning 9 or 10. I'd say that's accurate for the low. We'll likely play in a lot of close games this year, and if they all go against us, things could get ugly record-wise. A few others things seemed off in the preview, such as rating Stephen Garcia a C and our linebackers a B (lower than Vanderbilt! I think a lot of people forget that Rodney Paulk has a good bit of experience, meaning that losing Jasper shouldn't kill us), but overall a good read.

A few other tidbits:

Backing the Pack updates us on the Nate Irving situation. Apparently Irving may make it back at some point this season, although he'll likely be out for our game. That's good for us and for Irving's pro prospects.

Bobby Petrino has kicked Arkansas LB Khiry Battle off the team after Battle was charged with DUI. Battle wasn't a starter but was a part of the rotation; he played in 10 games last year and recorded 5 tackles. Don't drink and drive, kids.