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Friday News and Notes: More Preview Action, McKinley Signs with Denver, and More

Chris Low, who I would generally say is a pretty level-headed guy, has picked us to finish 3rd in the SEC East. If that comes to pass, I will be a very happy man, and expectations for 2010 will likely be sky high. Low also has Eric Norwood in first-team All-SEC roster.

Kenny McKinley has signed with the Denver Broncos. Congats Kenny! Of all the Gamecocks that were drafted this year, this guy is my favorite, and I really hope he succeeds in pros. He deserves it.

Leftover Hot Dog wonders if our nickname limits what traditions we can have around here.

Jesse Scroggins has committed to USCw. That's bad news for Lane Kiffin and Tennessee, who were really hoping to nab Scroggins to remedy their rough QB situation. Unless the Vols pull a rabbit out of their hat, they'll still be without a reliable signal caller after this season.