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Monday News and Notes: Clifton Geathers Arrested; Jarvis Giles Involved in an "Incident"

The big news today is that starting defensive end Clifton Geathers was arrested late Saturday night. Geathers was apparently approached by the police while he was partying at the Vista's Club Ice and resisted arrested when the police tried to arrest him for drunken disorderliness.

As usual, I'm in favor of waiting a few days for more details to surface before demanding swift justice. However, while getting drunk at a nightclub is par for the course for a 21-year-old college student and doesn't really warrant serious punishment, resisting arrest is more serious. If this case turns out to be what it looks like, I'll fully support Steve Spurrier if he chooses to harshly punish Geathers. I don't think he should be kicked off the team, mind you; Geathers is a junior and has behaved himself up to this point, so there's reason to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope this is a one-time incident. However, I would be surprised by anything less than a multiple-game suspension.

Needless to say, if the reports are true, I think what Geathers did was mind-numbingly stupid. You should be able to expect more from a junior starter that is one of your defense's key players and leaders. If Geathers is supsended for any big games, our pass rush, which was supposed to be a strength, is going to seriously suffer in those games. It looks like Geathers may have really let his team down on this one.

In other news, the State is also reporting that Jarvis Giles was involved in an "incident" Saturday night. However, this story doesn't really appear to have legs, as apparently Giles was just arguing with his girlfriend. If it comes out that he hit her or something like that, this may be a problem, but if they just attracted attention by yelling at each or something like that, then this is a non-issue. Couples get in fights all the time; the only difference here is that this one involved a football player and the State loves to draw attention to these kinds of stories.