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SB Nation's Comprehensive, Encyclopedic SEC Preview

This morning Team Speed Kills published a long SEC preview that I, along with just about everyone else involved with the SEC on SB Nation, collaborated on. Below is a brief preview; check out the rest here.

No one can say the SEC was boring in 2008. In the course of a year, the conference saw heavyweights Auburn and Tennessee crash and burn as new offenses failed to live up to their promises; witnessed Alabama climb back on top of the West with an undefeated regular season; and saw an Ole Miss team left for dead at the beginning of the year finish the season as one of the best four teams in the conference.

In the process, one national title favorite (Georgia) was replaced with another (Alabama) and then another (Florida) while Vanderbilt made a bowl for the first time in more than a quarter-century and Les Miles had his first season in the SEC with fewer than 10 wins.

So what do you do for an encore?

How about the most dominant national-title favorite in college football history, a three-way race for the SEC West crown and a muddled SEC East where it's Florida, Georgia and then anybody's guess about where everybody else falls? To help make a bit more sense out of the league, the SB Nation's SEC bloggers -- some of the best in the business -- put their heads together and came up with this.