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Tuesday News and Notes: Practice Notes, Clifton Geathers Update, Renaldo Balkman Arrested, Joe Hills Update

Our guys returned to the practice fields today. The team had a light practice, so there's not a whole lot to report. Steve Spurrier said that the quarterbacks and receivers looked very good, but he was also quick to joke that now he knows we could beat teams if we only play in shorts and no hitting.

As expected, the big news today concerned the Clifton Geathers situation. As per usual, Geathers is suspended indefinitely until Spurrier and Eric Hyman get some more facts. I'm assuming we'll know a lot more in the days leading up to the N. C. State game. I'm guessing that if the charges stick as reported, we'll see a multi-game suspension, whereas if they don't or there are mitigating circumstances, we'll see a lighter penalty, perhaps a suspension for either the Florida Atlantic or S. C. State game. Spurrier has emphasized that this behavior is out of character for Geathers, so I doubt we'll see any worse than a three-game suspension for this first offense.

UPDATE: Apparently we can expect Geathers to miss at least one game due to an injury sustained in the fight that led to his arrest. RS Freshman Devin Taylor looks to be the starter for N. C. State.

If you haven't heard yet, Geathers wasn't the only Gamecock to get in trouble this weekend. Former USC hoops star, Denver Nugget, and all-around Columbia legend Renaldo Balkman was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of DUI. I'm guessing he wasn't riding a moped.

One last tidbit: apparently Joe Hills is headed for Tennessee State. I'm assuming this isn't the glamarous destination he was hoping for. Sadly, Hills had to take some parting shots at the coaching staff before leaving; it's unfortunate that the guy couldn't accept the fact that he was moved because he wasn't performing. I wish him luck all the same.