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Thursday News and Notes: More Practice News and Other Stuff

Joe Person has his take on practice up. The big news is that Garcia has apparently been a little shaky, which is something to be somewhat concerned about. It's still early, though, and the guys are likely shaking off the rust. If Garcia and others get it together soon, we should be OK there.

A lot of people are talking about freshman Bryce Sherman. Sherman is a diminutive speedster that has apparently been tearing it up in practice.

Sherman is apparently a track star from North Carolina. He has a track scholly at Carolina and has walked onto the football team. (Not sure how that works with our football scholly limit.) It will be interesting to see if we can figure out ways to use him. He could be a Trindon Holliday-like secret weapon for us.

Finally, if you haven't done so yet, check out this article on the Darrell Givens affair and the football culture at Carolina. It's an enlightening read.

I should have an Arkansas preview up over the weekend sometime.