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Kevin Steele to UT

Per multiple sources, Derek Dooley has hired Clemson Tigers DC Kevin Steele to coach the Tennessee Volunteers defense.

A couple of thoughts on this development:


  • Steele is a good hire for UT and the hire demonstrates commitment from the administration. Although they may not have gotten their man for the head coaching gig, the Vols are apparently going to give Dooley every advantage necessary to succeed. They're apparently paying Steele big money, and I fully expect them to run the full-court press on other qualified candidates. That's bad news for the rest of the SEC East; based on what we saw last year from Auburn, sometimes being willing to shell out dough for the right assistants is enough to overcome a questionable head-coaching hire.
  • Although it's a good hire for the Vols and thus bad news for us, it's of course bad news for Clemson, which is always good news for us. In addition to leaving the Tigers without their talented DC in what should be a transition year on Lake Hartwell, losing Steele should also hurt the Tigers' case with Justin Parker, one of our target recruits. Shakin the Southland reports that the Tigers will promote talented DB coach Charlie Harbison to replace Steele.