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Reid McCollum Quits and Weslye Saunders Suspended

Per The State, Reid McCollum has quit the team and Weslye Saunders has been suspended.

The McCollum news probably shouldn't come as a huge surprise and isn't terribly worrisome. It's always good to have plenty of talented quarterback depth, and McCollum would have given us that next year as the most experienced backup behind Stephen Garcia. However, he would have had to fight Andrew Clifford for the backup spot, and with Steve Spurrier high on incoming freshman Connor Shaw, McCollum might have found himself buried on the depth chart by the time Garcia graduates. Even more ominous for McCollum is our general move in the direction of a spread offense that McCollum isn't as well equipped for as Shaw. If he's leaving for playing time, I don't blame him and wish him luck elsewhere.

The Saunders story is a little more problematic. There have been whispers regarding Saunders's attitude and work ethic before, and this news just serves to confirm that the problems are real, whatever they are. I had hoped that Saunders choice to return to school next year confirmed his commitment to having a productive senior season, but perhaps I spoke to soon. Whatever the issue is, we can at least be happy that it's occurring now, in the offseason. With a senior season and an NFL career at stake, surely Saunders will want to get his act together before spring practice rolls around.