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SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot: January 17-23


1. Kentucky Wildcats

No need for explanation here. The 'Cats will probably lose at some point, but they're clearly the conference's best team.

2. Tennessee Volunteers

The Vols remain unbeaten and flying high without Tyler Smith. However, they have shown some chinks in their armor.

3. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Hanging onto their undefeated SEC record by the thinnest of margins.

4. Mississippi Rebels

A well-coached, efficient team.

5. Vanderbilt Commodores

Perhaps the conference's most complete offensive team, these guys can score on you in just about any way. Defense and A.J. Ogilvy's durability are concerns, however.

6. Florida Gators

A good team that could sneak into the tournament somehow. The defense is playing better as of late, which could key them in on a push as we get deeper into conference play.

7. South Carolina Gamecocks

The Gamecocks have turned out to be a surprisingly competitive team in the absence of their injured / dismissed front court. When Devan Downey gets a little help, this team can win games.

8. Arkansas Razorbacks

Despite having the worst record in the conference, this doesn't appear to be a bad team now that Courtney Fortson is back. They've had a little trouble finishing the deal on upsets, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them get a couple at some point, or to see them sweep 'Bama, Auburn, and LSU, which would give them a decent record at the end of the year.

9. Alabama Crimson Tide

The wheels seem to have come off a once promising Alabama season as of late.

10. Georgia Bulldogs

Like Arkansas, the Dawgs are competitive but seem unable to finish the deal on upsets.

11. Auburn Tigers

This team is starting to get chippy again. Can they start winning against teams other than LSU?

12. LSU Tigers

This is obviously going to be more of a rebuilding year than we originally thought.