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South Carolina at Florida: A Quick Recap

Devan Downey did everything he could to help the Gamecocks win, but the Florida Gators held the day on a last-second three by Chandler Parsons. Downey led the 'Cocks with 36 points, while Kenny Boynton led the Gators with 14.

A few thoughts on the game.

We need guys to step up. Downey had an astounding 36 of our 56 points. Our strategy at this point appears to be to keep the game close throughout and then hope Downey can go off late and help us steal a victory. It almost worked last night, but all in all this just isn't a sound blueprint for victories. And our inability to rely on other players did hurt us at the end, as we could have taken the last shot had our plan not obviously been to just have Downey take the first look he got. We really, really need a couple of guys to step up and become more consistent scorers.

Spinella Watch. Stephen Spinella got some more minutes against the Gators, and he put them to good use, scoring five points to Evka's zero and playing some decent defense. Maybe Horn is beginning to get the message here.

SEC Officials: Property of the University of Florida. Anyone who isn't upset about the officiating needs to watch the last minute again. Ramon Galloway did not foul Kenny Boynton and Downey got fouled four or five times on his final possession, including during the shot. If Downey goes to the line there then there's no way that we leave Parsons open at the end. The officials didn't cost us the game, as they're not the ones that left Parsons open for the final shot. They certainly did their part, though, and I really don't think it's a coincidence that the Gators are so often the beneficiaries of occurences like this.

That's a wrap on this one. I can't wait to get Florida in the CLA. Next up are the Kentucky Wildcats, who are now number one in the nation. Can the Gamecocks pull off one of the year's biggest upsets? Stay tuned.