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It's Time to Party, Baby: Gamecocks Take Out Top-Ranked Kentucky

The fans are on the court partying and you should be too: the Gamecocks have just pulled off a highly improbable upset of the top-ranked Kentucky Wildcats.

I'll have some more thoughtful analysis up tomorrow. For now, let's savor a few highlights of this historic win:

We're on the front page at

This was our first ever win against a number one team. We had lost our seven previous such matchups.

Wildcats Athletics: Property of the University of South Carolina. We now boast win streaks against the 'Cats in both football and basketball.

John Who? Yeah, I think we know who won the Devan Downey vs. John Wall battle everyone has been talking up.

Last but not least, I want to emphasize how proud I am of this team. We've gone through the ringer this year with personnel losses, but our team and coach have not given up for one minute. It hasn't been pretty at times and we might not make the NCAAs, but tonight our guys earned a landmark victory and I suspect they'll earn a few more before the season is over.

Go 'Cocks!