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Georgia at South Carolina: A Quick Recap

Despite trailing for most of the game, the Gamecocks pulled out a narrow 78-77 win last night against the Georgia Bulldogs. Devan Downey led the 'Cocks with 33 while Travis Leslie led UGA with 21.

A few thoughts on the game:

  • Some of us--including myself--would have liked a more convincing win on our home court against UGA. However, you have to give us credit for this one: this was a proverbial let-down game against a dangerous team that shot the ball very well. This was basically the same hot-shooting team that beat the Vols. We still, though, stepped up to the plate and pulled out the victory. In the end, that's what matters, and we made it happen in a tough spot.
  • We're now at four SEC wins. I think we need at least six more to make it to the NCAAs. If we can win our remaining home games and pick up  a couple of road wins--perhaps against UGA and Arkansas--we can get there. It's going to be a tough haul, though.
  • Downey is, quite literally, unguardable. Teams know what's going to happen when he gets the ball in his hands late in the game, yet they still can't stop him. It's simply unbelievable the way he's playing.
  • Sam Muldrow was the guy that stepped up and flanked Downey in this one. He finished with 19 points and was a beast on the offensive boards. He recorded a double-double.
  • Darrin Horn has given up on Evka and decided to stick with Stephen Spinella. Good move, Coach Horn. Spinella came up big with a couple of threes in the first half and played tough defense throughout.

That's a wrap on this one. The Gamecocks are moving up in the standings and slowly inching closer to a postseason berth. You have to be proud of the way this team has come together. Next up is the Vols.