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What We Learned This Weekend

Upsetting Alabama Next Weekend Is Going to Be Tough

It's not impossible, mind you. The scoring margin last night was wider than it would have been if Florida hadn't shot itself in the foot time and time again, and my impression is that there are yards to be had in the air against 'Bama, if we can take advantage. That's a big "if," though, because 'Bama's front line is going to make life hard on Stephen Garcia or Connor Shaw, and if Garcia gets fumblitis again, the game will be just as ugly as it was for the Gators. Let's hope Garcia is ready and that the coaching staff has some plays ready to counteract the rush. That's the key, to me; 'Bama's offense is obviously good, but I think we can slow them down if the offense helps out.

Florida Is Beatable

The Gators are essentially back to where they were in 2005. They're trying to fit square pegs in round holes by trying to run the spread option with John Brantley under center, and to make matters worse, their center can't snap the ball to save his life. Luckily for the Gators' Eastern Division chances, their schedule is easier than ours, with Florida getting LSU (make no mistake--a simply awful team that won't beat Florida) and Miss. St. to our Auburn and Arkansas. They probably won't lose again until they play us, which means that we're going to have win all but one of our remaining games to make the matchup with Florida for the East. Sure would be been nice to have beaten Auburn...

Kentucky's Early-Season Run Was Likely a Fluke

I'm still worried about the game in Lexington, but certainly less so now. This team doesn't have much of a defense, and while its offense moves the ball well at times, it also commits a lot of self-inflicted wounds.

Don't Worry about Tennessee

Lost in the midst of the uproar surrounding the final minutes of the game in Death Valley is the fact that both Tennessee and LSU stink. Don't give Tennessee too much credit for almost upsetting LSU; LSU won't be ranked much longer.

Vandy Got Ripped by UConn

That must mean they suck, right? Oh, wait...