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THE DAILY FEED 1.18.11 // Recruiting News

Carolina Football

Jadeveon Clowney visits Alabama--Palmetto Sports (Kornblut)

Even those of you who don't really follow recruiting probably know that Clowney visited Alabama this past weekend. Clowney says he liked Alabama but he's still saying he doesn't have a favorite. I'd say that's good for us, as it suggests that the visit didn't change the status quo, which supposedly favors us. Hopefully the coming weeks at home in Carolina will influence Clowney to stick around.

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Royster has made his decision--Palmetto Sports (Kornblut)

The stage is set for Sheldon Royster to commit Thursday night. Come on down, Sheldon. Be the next great DB at USC.

Carolina Basketball

Bracketology - NCAA College Basketball Brackets and Predictions - ESPN

USC comes in at the bottom of Lunardi's "Next Four Out." A couple of wins this week could put us on the right side of the bubble.

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