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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: 1/23-1/29

The major trends for this week were Florida rising and Alabama taking a big jump and large voter disagreement about just how good Alabama is.

1 (t). Florida Gators 112 (five first-place votes)

1 (t). Kentucky Wildcats 112 (four first-place votes)

3. Vanderbilt Commodores 93 (one first-place vote)

4. Georgia Bulldogs 88

5. Tennessee Volunteers 81

6. Alabama Crimson Tide 78

7. South Carolina Gamecocks 65

8. Arkansas Razorbacks 48

9 (t). Mississippi Rebels 36

9 (t). Mississippi St. Bulldogs 36

11. LSU Tigers 21

12. Auburn Tigers 10

See what the voters had to say after the jump.


Nice home win over Kentucky, although I don't know how you score exactly the same number of points against Kentucky and Auburn in the same week.--A Bulldog in Exile


Before 40 minutes of hell comes back, maybe Arkansas should first concentrate on playing for 20 minutes.--The ACC & SEC Blog


Will they or won't they? We say they will, but with Bama game now in the rearview mirror, if they do, no one will be there to see it happen.--Roll Bama Roll


The tempo-free numbers say the Gators are still a bit of a paper tiger. They've got a head start on first in the East. Will they last?--Anchor of Gold


Their RPI isn't as high, but I think they definitely belong with Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Vandy.--Rocky Top Talk


Calipari could probably coach Auburn's defense with that kind of language.--A Bulldog in Exile


Tiger fans beginning to think about baseball.--Leftover Hot Dog

Mississippi St.

This team looks capable of beating only the dregs of the league.--A Sea of Blue

Ole Miss

Shellacked LSwho in Baton Rouge. Maybe they figured something out.--Alabama Basketball Blog

South Carolina

The performance at home against UK suggests they may not belong with the other five in the East...but I bet they'd win the West.--Rocky Top Talk


The refs from Athens did not make it to Hartford.--A Bulldog in Exile


Blowing a combined 31 point lead on the road against South Carolina and Tennessee still stings. A lot.--Vanderbilt Sports Line