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The Daily Feed // 1.24.11


The Key Numbers and Terms in Recruiting | Team Speed Kills
All this recrootin' jibba-jabba got your thinkin' organ confused? Year2 has your back. This is a good read for anyone who has ever wondered how "the numbers always work out."

Gamecocks Recruiting: Ahmad Christian Commits | Leftover Hot Dog
Another two-sport recruit for USC. I didn't think a National Championship would have this kind of effect on football recruiting, but I was wrong.

Gamecocks Recruiting: Leon Mackey No Longer Pursued | Leftover Hot Dog
All I'm saying is we better get Clowney now.

As the Fans Said - "We Want Clowney" | Leftover Hot Dog
Yes, we do, but it's looking like we're going to have to wait another month, at least, to find out.


Gamecocks' Rally Falls Short Against Kentucky, 67-58 | Gamecocks Online
Sure, we could have won on another night... maybe. But we were clearly outclassed the entire evening. Where it really showed was the quality of shots we were taking versus the quality of shots they were taking. Kentucky was judicious with the ball while we were trying to throw up circus shots the entire night. Truly an embarrassing performance.

Kratch: Carolina’s youth shows in loss | The Daily Gamecock
As usual, it's like Kratch is reading my mind.


Dominant Rebounding Delivers 59-48 Win Over Alabama | Gamecocks Online
It's good to see the USC women notch another win. They're now 3-4 in conference, and the closer they can get to .500, the better. At some point Dawn Staley needs to start earning that humongous salary we're giving her.



USC's football team posts best-ever GPA | The Post and Courier
I'm torn. On one hand there's this:

...the Gamecocks posted their highest-ever grade-point average last fall, scoring 2.779 out of a possible 4.0.

which, let's be honest, really isn't that great. On the other hand, there's this:

It was the third straight semester that the football team finished with its best-ever GPA.

which is pretty good. But then there's this again:

although it came in last among USC's 17 athletic teams.

Really, though, that last part is probably true at all schools that don't have a wrestling program.

Gamecock Men Remain Unbeaten (9-0) with Win at UNCW | Gamecocks Online
Unbeaten? Heck yes! Now if only there were an accompanying national ranking so I would know how much to care.

Scrimmage Wraps Busy Second Week for Gamecock Softball | Gamecocks Online
It's almost time for Gamecock softball to boot up. We're aiming for more than one conference win this year. Baby steps, people.

Gamecocks Fall to Georgia Tech 6-1 | Gamecocks Online
No shame in losing to a top 25 squad.