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The Daily Feed // 12.27.11


Gamecocks Recruiting Snippets / 01.26.11 | Leftover Hot Dog
Flounder breaks down this week's happenings for those of you too busy to following the whimsical musings of a 17 year old.

USC makes one last push for Clowney | The Post and Courier

His plan, as of now, is to announce his choice on his birthday, which is Valentine's Day. Signing Day is Feb. 2.

One last push? We've got two whole weeks. And what, exactly, are the odds that he actually commits then anyways. I still think we're looking at two more months here, people.

RUMORS: Beamer the Younger on Bama's List, Too |
Will Tricky Nick poach Shane Beamer to be his new recruiting coordinator? Maybe, but I have a feeling that if he does it won't be until after signing day. While losing Shane might hurt us in recruiting for the short term, it might allow us to finally address our special teams problem. Plus, it's not like 'Bama is not going to significantly upgrade their recruiting ability with Beamer. They've pretty much topped out.

Senior Bowl Measureables Prove Scouts Are Silly, Creepy | Team Speed Kills
As if we needed any more proof.


Video: Coach Staley previews USC-Georgia |
Coach Staley, do you think we can beat UGA?

"Um, not really."

- Paraphrased, of course.



Tickets Available For Remaining Men's Basketball Contests | Gamecocks Online
Tickets are still available for men's basketball games. In other news, the sky is still blue.



Swimming & Diving Prepare for Intense Final Home Meet | Spurs Up
Remember when I said our men's swimming & diving team was 9-0 and all we needed was a national ranking to know how much to care? Well, we're ranked 22nd. Adjust your givadamnometers accordingly.



Gamecocks Fight Past Furman for 6-1 Victory | Gamecocks Online
Yeah, it's a slow news week without a mid-week basketball game. But at least we exacted revenge on Furman in the one sport they really care about up there - women's tennis.



Landon Powell at the Raleigh Hot Stove League Banquet | Gamecocks Online
A video of former Gamecock Landon Powell talking about catching Dallas Braden's perfect game. Side note, nice tie.